Although the vaping industry is still in relative infancy, the high demand for products has allowed for rapid advances in technologies and products related to vaping.  Batteries are of particular importance for performance and safety reasons, and vape batteries have improved dramatically over the last few years.  Still, there are so many different types of vape pens, and you want to make sure you get the right tools to complement your oil products.

This requires vape pen components that are specifically suited to the requirements of the higher-viscosity oils sold at dispensaries.  The right Wholesale Ceramic Vape batteries will ensure an enjoyable experience for your customers.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we offer superior quality lithium ion batteries from AVD to ensure exemplary performance.

Reliable Bulk Vape Pen Batteries

Performance is the greatest concern when it comes to finding the right a bulk vaporizer batteries for your customers.  Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers is pleased to offer a range of quality AVD, Liberty and Bbtonk products, including rechargeable and disposable batteries that are perfectly suited to everyday carry.  These batteries are designed for function and portability.  Their diminutive sizing and lightweight construction make them ideal for use with oil vape pens, as well as toting a backup battery.

Stylish Wholesale Vape Batteries

Vape pens are meant to be portable so they can stow in any pocket or purse for easy access on the go, but they’re also highly visible when in use.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we offer adjustable voltage and draw activated batteries. It should come as no surprise, then, that owners are interested in customizing these personal products.  Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers understands that form follows function, which is why we offer products that not only deliver superior performance, but also aesthetic appeal.  Stylish AVD batteries are the perfect addition to any vape pen.

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