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Although the vaping industry is still in relative infancy, the high demand for products has allowed for rapid advances in technologies and products related to vaping.  Batteries are of particular importance for performance and safety reasons, and vape batteries have improved dramatically over the last few years.  Still, there are so many different types of vape pens, and you want to make sure you get the right tools to complement your oil products.

This requires vape pen components that are specifically suited to the requirements of the higher-viscosity oils sold at dispensaries.  The right Wholesale Ceramic Vape batteries will ensure an enjoyable experience for your customers.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we offer superior quality lithium ion batteries from Verified® to ensure exemplary performance.

The Convenience of Verified® Batteries

When vape batteries fail, customers can’t enjoy your vape pens or vape products, which is why superior batteries are such an important part of any vape kit.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, we partner with trusted manufacturers like Verified® to deliver products that promise maximum safety, performance, and longevity for your customers.


Verified® batteries are designed for convenience with simple, draw activated function that means users just start inhaling.  In addition, slender designs make for a small footprint that won’t add bulk to pockets. Customers will enjoy comfort, portability, power, and optimal performance that Verified® batteries just can’t compete with.

Why choose AVD batteries over competitive products like CCELL batteries?  When customers choose a slim, draw activated AVD battery for use with vape pens, they’ll get the consistent, reliable performance that keeps them satisfied and reflects well on your business.

Verified® Battery Innovation

Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers is pleased to partner with Verified® to deliver quality cartridges, mouthpieces, and batteries for your retail operation.  Verified® batteries will beat a CCELL competitor every time thanks to unique research and engineering designed to produce superior products.

Disposable products feature no-leak, porous ceramic to deliver intended flavor, and they enjoy a defect rate of under 0.1%.  Many products offer simple, draw-activated functionality for ease of use, as well as protections against short circuit and overcharge for user safety.  Some have additional safety features like automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

While CCELL batteries get a lot of hype, the average CCELL battery simply can’t compare to the performance and reliability of Verified® products.  Our many Verified® batteries and related vape products like cartridges and mouthpieces ensure a positive experience for every customer and affordable pricing for retailers, which is why we’re so pleased to offer them for wholesale purchase.

Performance is the greatest concern when it comes to finding the right a bulk vaporizer batteries for your customers.  Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers is pleased to offer a range of quality Verified®, Liberty and Bbtonk products, including rechargeable and disposable batteries that are perfectly suited to everyday carry.  These batteries are designed for function and portability.  Their diminutive sizing and lightweight construction make them ideal for use with oil vape pens, as well as toting a backup battery.

Wholesale Ceramic Vapes is proud to provide the highest quality of ceramic vaporizer products to our customers nationwide! Our wholesale vape batteries are the best you’ll find on the market. We never compromise on quality, safety, or reliability, which is why we have become a brand that people trust. Our wide selection of vape pens, batteries, glass cartridges, mouthpieces, and other items means that we are a one-stop-shop for all of your vaping product needs.

Our name says it all. We specialize in ceramic vapes, so you can feel confident that your products are being sourced directly from the experts. Our ceramic vape pens and accessories are designed with you in mind. Our vape pens are long-lasting and protect against oxidation issues that you see with traditional vaping options. We also offer tons of accessories to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Speaking of having the products you need, we feature the BBTank Air vape pen, one of the slimmest vape pen options available. But don’t let the small stature fool you! This vape pen packs quite a punch by providing you with enhanced flavors and scents that amplify your vaping experience.

We know your business is important to you. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a name you can depend on. Our store features brands by Verified Vapes, Ccell, Ikrusher, AVD, and VELX, just to name a few. Regardless of which brand you select, we have a variety of bulk vape pen batteries and battery accessories to ensure your vape pens operate the way they were designed to.

Vape pens are meant to be portable so they can stow in any pocket or purse for easy access on the go, but they’re also highly visible when in use.   At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we offer adjustable voltage and draw activated batteries.  It should come as no surprise, then, that owners are interested in customizing these personal products.  Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers understands that form follows function, which is why we offer products that not only deliver superior performance, but also aesthetic appeal.  Stylish AVD batteries are the perfect addition to any vape pen.

Bulk Vape Batteries and Accessories

We offer a compatible AVD 510 Thread Charger that works with most screw-in pens. Because this product is so compact, it can be conveniently stored when not in use. This product features overcharge protection to ensure your battery can charge safely. Just plug it into a USB port, and it’s super easy to tell when your battery is ready:  a red light indicates your battery is charging, while green means it is fully charged and ready to use.

Our micro-USB charger is another compact option that we offer, the charging cable fits right in the palm of your hand. Charge your battery from your car, computer, or other devices at your convenience. Compatible with most of our wholesale vape pen batteries, this product is extremely durable, yet lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Here are some of the other bulk vaporizer batteries we have in stock:

  • Breeze 350mAh Draw Activated Battery by Verified: Available in a 25-pack, this battery is buttonless and available in multiple colors so you can match it perfectly with your vape pen. Its small size makes it easy and convenient to carry. It’s also a breeze to install and includes a micro-USB charger in the package so you can recharge your battery wherever you happen to be.
  • Nova 350mAh Variable Voltage Battery by Verified: This is a button-activated battery available in a 25-pack for your convenience. Available in multiple colors, it features a press button so that the user can select from a series of voltage options. Perfect for both thick and thin vapor oils, you can set this battery to the ideal heat setting for a smooth vaping experience. This vape battery also comes with a micro-USB charger so that you can recharge it no matter where you are.

If you have additional questions about our selection of wholesale vaporizer batteries, give our customer service reps a call at 866-491-1513 and they’ll be more than happy to assist!

Contact Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers To Learn More And Stock Your Dispensary With Superior Wholesale Oil Vape Pens And Parts.