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Some vaping devices are designed for use with tobacco products and they feature custom wound coils designed to soak up low-viscosity vape juices and transform them into inhalable mist.  Unfortunately, these cartridges aren’t ideal for thicker viscosity oils and herbal extracts often sold at dispensaries.

At Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, we offer access to a wide selection of high-quality Wholesale vaporizer cartridges that are designed to suit the needs of your particular clientele.  Our products guarantee an enjoyable experience without having to mix products to a lower viscosity or risk compromising performance and taste.  Natural oils can be enjoyed just as they are.

Superior Craftsmanship with AVD Cartridges

Ceramic atomizers have revolutionized the vaping industry, delivering a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to traditional wick systems.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, we proudly partner with reputable manufacturers like AVD to deliver products ideal for use with thick oils.

Every AVD cartridge we offer delivers superior craftsmanship and optimal performance.  Both glass and resin AVD cartridges offer durability thanks to erosion-resistant materials and construction.

Porous ceramic delivers ideal absorption of extracts, and cartridges are able to withstand high temperatures and offer chemical resistance under acidic or alkaline conditions.  You simply won’t get the same quality and appeal with a CCELL cartridge.

Although there is a lot of hype around CCELL cartridges, AVD cartridges are superior in a variety of ways.  Every AVD cartridge offers reliability and longevity, as well as quality manufacturing that addresses common issues like leaking, unvaporized oils, and more, ensuring that customers get the performance and use value they deserve.  What can you expect when you choose AVD cartridge products from Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers over competing CCELL cartridges?

The AVD Cartridge Guarantee

No matter which AVD cartridge model your customers prefer, they’ll get the performance and reliability this brand is known for.  We also offer an array of AVD mouthpieces and batteries to pair seamlessly with every AVD cartridge.

If you’re seeking premium cartridges at competitive prices, you’ll get the quality you expect from AVD products, with less than 0.001% failure rate.  The average CCELL cartridge just can’t compete.

Performance Bulk Vapes

The inherent downfall of traditional vape pens that feature wicking coil designs is that performance can suffer when more viscous oils are used, particularly when the user vapes quickly, triggering a burning taste.  This problem will never occur with high-end ceramic vaporizers, thanks to ceramic heating elements that won’t degrade in the same manner.

Dispensaries are naturally concerned with ensuring that their products meet and exceed expectations, delivering the quality their customers expect and deserve.  Unfortunately, you may find yourself relying on third-party tools to act as a delivery system.  You not only need proper hardware – you need the best quality at an affordable price.  With Wholesale vape cartridges from Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, you can choose the perfect tools to offer your customers and ensure a positive experience that keeps them coming back for more.

A Wide Selection of Bulk Vape Cartridges

Vaping is a personal experience, and as such, it should be customizable.  Dispensaries work hard to provide a selection of quality oil products, and when you partner with Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, you can also offer an assortment of high-end cartridges customized to suit the needs of diverse clientele.  With a wide range of exceptional products from top manufacturers like AVD and Liberty, we ensure bulk vape cartridges that will perfectly complement your quality oil products.

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